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World-renowned card games and lotteries liven up the action through our unified and immersive casino floor atmosphere

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Live Betting Games

Our bet games platform and its measured business impact are important elements to your overall success story. Introducing card and dice games integrated seamlessly into any established sportsbook, land-based operator, poker room, or cutting-edge start-up

State-of-the-art bet games provide an immersive experience that combines challenging wagers with charming presenters for what will become a hot talking point among your player community

Bet on Poker

Breaking the form of Hold’em poker, updated betting odds gives players real-time insights into all hands during the game up to the River. Players gain extra knowledge and are given the power to make informed decisions with no limits on the number of bets.

Bet on Baccarat

The fast-paced and action-packed environment keeps players engaged throughout the session with math models calculating probabilities of player wins, banker wins, ties, and pairs. Extended periods when bets are accepted help players with more time to make their bets and decisions.

Wheel of Fortune

Played the world over, wheel of fortune gameplay delivers the ultimate combination of entertainment and quick-fire wins. Charming presenters spin the wheel as players bet on different sections with varying multiplier prizes. High risk and low-risk bets, this game has it all.


BOOKIE brings you a thrilling remake of the lottery classic. Entertainment is multiplied on all fronts with life-changing odds that play through every three minutes. Players follow dealers as they rotate the lottery machine and watch for the seven winning numbers to be drawn out.


Dice continues to attract new players with its timeless gameplay that suits its complimentary stance and simple rules. Players are invited to bet on more than 40 outcomes calculated with a unique tailored probability matrix taking place every three minutes. Dice is a must-have game.


The dynamic lottery-based game delivers odds worth up to 1000/1 for every draw as the croupier entertains and manages the lottery machine. Five winning numbers are picked from just 36 balls in this simple yet entertaining lottery casino game.

Game-Specific Margin Templates Help Accelerate True ROI on Marketing Efforts

In-depth, real-time reporting delivers valuable insights into your campaign success

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