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The BOOKIE white label platform was born from a decade of experience, handmade from scratch and accompanied by a Swiss-style effort to liven up the iGaming action

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In our typical Swiss style, we've designed our iGaming platform paying distinct attention to every detail

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Whether they play on a desktop or laptop, in the comfort of their own home or on their favorite mobile device while on the go, your players will marvel at just how revolutionary live casino white label action can be

Swiss Army Knife
Iconic Roots

Our BOOKIE iGaming Platform unifies the most addictive entertainment content by providing operators with a seamless business solution that works faster than ever before, anywhere and on any device, online and land based.

Made with an academic approach and knowledge of the bottleneck, the BOOKIE white label platform is assembled individually to execute breakthrough business models and uncover every opportunity at the speed of your operation.

Hosted and run by a dedicated team, the white label platform is rapidly deployed for new businesses providing access to all products – Sports, Casino, Live Casino, Financial, Poker and Lotto – and run from a single database. With the most intensive promotion tools, marketing and sales working together at last, and intelligent player retention tools, BOOKIE iGaming Platform gives you repeat success.

All Events
Premier League Highlights
West Ham United
1 Home
X Draw
2 Away
Bournemouth AFC
1 Home
X Draw
2 Away
Norwich City
Leicester City
1 Home
X Draw
2 Away
Newcastle United
1 Home
X Draw
2 Away
  • Win/Loss
  • Turnover
  • Casino
  • Binary
  • Sportsbook
  • Live Casino
  • Games
  • Lotto
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Fast, seamless bare metal cloud-based infrastructure scales intact with your business expansion, efficiently routing players to the closest local, global and high availability server for every bet and every action.

BOOKIE iGaming Platform at the Abstract Level

BOOKIE white label platform offers the most exciting games round the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This true multi-channel experience is delivered on a desktop, tablet, mobile phone while in venue, hotel room, on the move or by the pool for your dearest VIP friends

Build Your Community

We will provide you with the tools and experience needed to grow a sound community from scratch

Go Social

Engage in 1:1 trusted and branded relationships with your closest and dearest friends

Make Business

Work closely with your partners and build a loyal network to achieve your business model targets

Make Friends

Get your community thriving with Freebets, a Member Club, Missions, Quests, Cashdrops and many others

Add Magic

By working together, we will find the recipe of the right spell applied to the right audience

Grow Your Business in Complete Confidence

We’ll help you to do it right from the beginning and in full compliance

Extensive Due Diligence

We ensure that your operation is in full compliance on the ISO level and in line with 5MLD requirements

Responsible Gaming

We’ll help you to separate VIPs and indicate high-rollers, all on the fly, and before any damage is caused


Start in line with real-world scrutiny and make business as free as it used to be just recently


Benefit from enterprise-level reporting for accountants, regulators and the tax unit

iGaming Platform in line with the most stringent regulatory requirements

Get a 360-Degree View of your iGaming Platform

Build your business faster and smarter with a meticulous view on player lifecycle details, reactive and proactive marketing results and product segmentation – all to ensure your business model executes in a fair, secure and balanced environment of our white label platform

Know Your Players.

Draw Your Strategy.

Track the entire player lifecycle, from acquisition and first deposit through ongoing retention. BOOKIE iGaming Platform integrates all transactions in real-time, providing the data-driven intelligence you need to maximize conversion between channels with an unparalleled opportunity to dig deeper at any moment, from any point.

John Aspley, 21 y.o. (530 GBP)




139 days



First deposit:

200 GBP

VIP Level:

Business Plus+



Risk Group



London, W1J 8AJ

Key Metrics
TypeSportSlotsLive Casino

Know Your Business.
Shape Your Strategy.

Get a real-time view of the heartbeat of your business. Oversee vendors, payments and taxes using immediate dashboards to uncover every detail. And see all key business metrics - from money in and out, transfer commission and bonus withdrawal to vendor charges with an instant drill-down for further breakdowns with BOOKIE White Label Platform.

Debit Volume€5,950,904.84
Credit Volume€3,642,602.79
Gross Profit€2,142,316.89
Transfer Comm.€107,116.28
Bonus Withdrawal€296,501.23
Vendor Charges€250,331.79
Estimated Taxes€449,886.54
Net Balance€1,204,466.21

Know Your Insight.
Boost Your Strategy.

Inject liquidity into the lifecycle and get more from your marketing efforts with automatic promotion tools and scheduled campaigns. With the use of reactive and proactive tools, the BOOKIE iGaming Platform secures your operation by reading betting and bonus activity as it occurs and retargeting specific players and player groups accordingly.

Welcome Bonus12,821€715,520€97,280€57,335
2nd Deposit5,748€182,786€115,534€61,276
3rd Deposit4,861€197,842€54,929€20,902
Monday Reload29,802€1,201,020€452,990€113,247
Tuesday Free Spins19,219€586,179€209,487€38,301

Know Your Products.
Balance Your Strategy.

Operate in complete confidence and be in control of your iGaming partners' performance using data aggregated in real-time from all gaming titles. Make informed decisions with knowledge of the real impact on your business performance and drill down to associated expenses. Learn how to cross-sell entertainment more effectively using instant breakdown on conversion between channels.

Real Turnover:


Transfer Comm:


Real Win/Loss:


Vendor Comm:


21% Tax


Net GGR:


iGaming Platform Role Management & Personnel Audit

Deliver always-on customer support service and leverage player retention values from established and successful iGaming operators. Backed up with professional audit & reporting tools, your white label business is secured and operates in line with regulatory and investor requirements

   Assign, Define, Work –
Smarter and Faster
   Layered Protection
and Intelligent Security
   Chat Done Right –
Message in Full Compliance
   Build your Community to
Increase Player Values
   Liven up Operation &
Personal Notifications
   Measuring The Impact
of Social Effort
  • Permissions
  • Data feeds
  • Departments

Assign, Define, Work –

Smarter And Faster

Bridge the gaps between departments and teams with our united and cross-referenced back-end system. Define your team roles, align routines, assign products & services, drop on checkboxes to secure privileges and work even faster with collaboration at the heart of your business.

United Kingdom
Premium VIP
£12,800.0032€1000.00 (1)€11,800.00
United Kingdom
Business Plus+
£6,500.0029£2.200 (6)£4.300.00
United Kingdom
£10.450.0022£0.00 (0)£10.450.00

Layered protection
and intelligent security

Expand your operation in complete confidence and grow with the most dynamic sector. Track critical player groups effectively, assess social factors and align your procedures accordingly. In real-time, BOOKIE iGaming Platform detects household income, politically exposed persons, credit history, sanctions, punters, high-rollers and more to mitigate risk and move your business forward.

Chat Assesment

02/25 10:29:06
  • Accepted 2 pts (3 sec)
  • Average response 3 pts (5.7 sec)
  • Personalised
  • Player rated

Responsible Gaming

  • Problem gambler alert
  • Bonus bagging
  • Non-personal approach

Chat done right –
message in full compliance

Advertise, promote and build your customer base securely with professional messaging audit of our iGaming Platform designed and built-in compliance with major regulatory requirements. Deliver exceptional business level reporting to management with all the insights lined up at a glance.

OperatorPlayersChatsReferralsLoss, %

Build your community to
increase player values

Start it right by building your community and increasing business with higher conversions and player retention levels. Keep your email communication organized, streamline support routines with integrated access to player data, and drill down to details in a few clicks.

Payment & Deposit
Registration & Validation
Account actions

Liven up operation with Telegram
bots and personal notifications

Make service responsible with important notifications, key events and critical alerts delivered to your staff using Telegram, email and SMS round the clock and by shifts. Communicate with your team while unreachable by leaving messages or sending personalized bonus codes to improve relations.

1st / Max / Average
13/16/14.29Mark T
76580ENAlien1010.2 Sec89 Sec
76579ENBigscale5.2 Sec9.2 Sec
76578ENAlien1015.2 Sec4.4 Sec

Grow with your team and measure
the impact of your social efforts

Work closely with your team, ensure the corporate spirit, highlight winners and deliver success stories directly into the daily meeting – that is the fastest path to boost your players’ engagement. Retain employees committed to your operation with onsite training, regular courses, and responsible gaming controls keeping their eyes on target.

White Label Analytics & Reporting System

Get a high-level picture of your business performance and know how your strategy executes. Monitor progress and team efficiency against key performance indicators in real-time, instantly and compared to the same period in the past. Drill down through underlying reports of BOOKIE iGaming Platform to explore and discover the insights

Enjoy the most accurate
revenue segmentation tools

Take a look under the hood and keep your eyes on target with product and player segmentation reporting tools. Make insightful decisions based on comprehensive iGaming Platform analytics covering vendor, payment method, mobile or web-based location and track cross-selling between the products.

  • Real Turnover: €60,567,168
  • Real Win/Loss: €2,678,544
  • Bonus Win/Loss: €1,224,324
  • Estimated Tax: €449,886
  • Payments Comm: €107,116
  • Vendor Commision: €250,331
  • Estimated GGR: €1,871,211
  • Win/Loss
  • Turnover
  • Sportsbook
  • Casino
  • Live Casino
  • Binary
  • Lotto
  • Games

Gain your players’ insight
and make smarter decisions faster

Uncover the trends quicker and let your team monitor the state of all connected players, their balances, money on hold and games being played in real-time with an interactive supervision dashboard. Secure your operation with proactive actions whenever abuse patterns are detected.

Sessions98615FelldinooPEP UK£5,321.91UK
Sessions98615FelldinooPEP UK£5,321.91UK
Sessions98615FelldinooPEP UK£5,321.91UK
Sessions98615FelldinooPEP UK£5,321.91UK
Game Sessions booshbet
game image Bonanza (BTG) 8
  • Started: 02-10 12:34
  • Duration: 2 min
  • Ended: 02-10 12:36
  • Spins: 28
  • Win Loss: €6.32
  • Wagered: €8.56
  • RTP: 26.17
game image Extra Chilli (BTG) 7
  • Started: 02-10 12:26
  • Duration: 2 min
  • Ended: 02-10 12:33
  • Spins: 75
  • Win Loss: €-1.97
  • Wagered: €35.25
  • RTP: 105.59

Keep your records clean with
enterprise-level financial reporting

Equip your business with accurate, clean and clear financial reporting with every transaction (in and out, from and to) logged strictly in accordance with regulatory requirements. Experience the power of the right data at the right moment with thorough filtering and instant export tools.

IDDateTypeSourcePrevious balance
1730422020-02-10 12:44:20DepositWirecard Debit€916,307.81
1730412020-02-10 12:23:29Withdrawaliqsports€60.73
1730402020-02-10 12:14:35DepositSkrill€18,155.11
1730392020-02-10 09:48:15WithdrawalNeteller€1,018.58
BalanceDestinationPrevious balanceBalanceAmount
€59.73Neteller (prod)€77,077.84€77,078.84€1.00

Uncover financial insights
and push your business ahead

Roll-up daily sales funnels with a crystal-clear view on the money at a glance – deposits, cash-outs, profit & loss split by product and vendor, commission and bonuses paid. Rearrange and reorder datasets versus each other – device vs. period or vendor vs. device and quickly get the answers you need.

  • 400K
  • 200K
  • 0
  • Feb 04
  • Feb 05
  • Feb 06
  • Feb 07
  • Feb 08
  • Deposit
  • Withdrawals
  • Bonus withdrawals
  • Pending
  • Total

See what it looks like when
GGR data is under total control

Power your daily trading experience with the most stringent, clean and clear reporting suite. Enjoy a broad collection of ready-made overalls and explore your business from new angles. Drill down through underlying data using instant product segmentation blueprints to explore and discover insights.

€ 62 924.21
Players: 2283
€ 92 891.48
Players: 3683
€ 42 941.21
Players: 3109
€ 62 924.21
Players: 2283
€ 92 891.48
Players: 3683
€ 42 941.21
Players: 3109

Land-based operation with all-in-one iGaming Platform

Designed for high bet frequency environments and operated by large networks worldwide, BOOKIE white label platform offers a turnkey solution featured with leading products instantly available from the start. Advance with technology built for real business and tuned while in the business, to grow faster and smarter

Control your money flow and safeguard operation with a session directory

Supervise financial flows through the network, in and out, with instant access to any data – sales, payouts, withdrawals and pending liability with a drill down to location, cashier and distribution partner records. Track the performance of every unit and safeguard operation with enterprise-level session control of our iGaming Platform.

Started: 02-12 16:47:45
Closed: 02-13 16:47:48
0 day
4 hrs 2 min
Cash surplus, could not figure out why, added to the balance
Started: 02-12 18:41:02
Closed: 02-13 18:41:01
0 day
7 hrs 14 min
Started: 02-12 20:35:02
Closed: 02-13 19:34:58
0 day
6 hrs 9 min
€15,500€25,787 (780)€1,650 (36)€15,320 (120)€10,467
€8,912€17,401 (520)€948 (21)€10,302 (102)€7,099
€9,580€29,320 (841)€2,153 (47)€27,201 (254)€2,119
€33,992€72,508 (2141)€4,751 (104)€52,823 (476)€19,685

Leverage the experience of success and expand your network with confidence

Hire a solution with every feature and module representing a real business case and naturally developed together with the industry’s leading experts and knowhow. Time-tested for fraud and abuse from all sides of the operation, BOOKIE iGaming Platform offers a logical and flexible structure for a secure cross-territory expansion.

1FrankfurtNeue Mainzer Str. 46-50€ 34,201 EUR15,233
2FrankfurtSonnemannstraße 79€ 71,201 EUR22,520
3StuttgartSonnemannstraße 79€ 71,201 EUR22,520
4StuttgartSonnemannstraße 79€ 71,201 EUR22,520
€ 19,201 € 175,491.32 Network
€ 55,641€ 44,991.32 Network
€ 10,391€ 93,641.93Shop
€ 2,397€ 12,005Shop

Get a direct view into your network and channel partners’ performance

Oversee your network performance at a glance and dig deeper into details to identify laggards and address underperforming locations with personnel training and promotion materials. Tie goals and research on the results of your marketing efforts, with real-time forecasts and statistics drafted in parallel with profit data of the same period in the past.


Engage your players round-the-clock with world-renowned profit makers

BOOKIE White Label Platform opens the gate to leading titles in the entertainment world – real and virtual sports betting, lottery, bet games, TV games and live dealer ensure the ultimate experience of every player in every shop across the network. Boost the tension with network jackpots showcasing in real-time lottery winners and their shop location.

Bingo TV2,510,561€909,5463,188
Bet On Poker1,163,048€750,6422,040
Betgames TV1,116,789108853
Wheel of Fortune714,009€18950
7/42 Live150,208€39318
Win/LossW/L PlayerRTP

iGaming Network of Trust

Easily deploy your agent network and grow faster with b2b services promoting instant access to industry-leading values. Connect channel partners with their market specific requirements in custom branded environments to build deeper relations with improved sales collaboration and performance.

Grow your business
exponentially with unlimited
agent levels

Motivate your agents to start their own business – online or land-based, branded as their market, and let agents grow your network on any level further below. Maintain a teamwork approach and recognize your top performers, publically highlighting their network depth and profits.

PeriodClicksSingupsFirst deposit
02 December12,0591,310€48,768 (640)
03 December14,0591,659€52,391 (678)
04 December10,410
05 December18,301
07 December11,272
08 December10,401
DepositPlayersWithdrawalsD - W
€117,499 (3,680)4,202€82,249 (674)€35,250
€243,384 (5,408)4,430€146,030 (1,540)€97,354
€191,590 (6,609)3,602€143,692 (624)€47,898
€371,844 (7,830)5,494€284,088 (1,136)€87,756
€216,558 (5,552)3,909€179,743 (2,019)€36,815
€940,875 (29,079)21,637€835,802 (5,993)€305,073

Operate worldwide with
thorough localization options

Advertise worldwide and expand globally with confidence, providing partners with a solution that meets the specific values of their players. With 4 native editions – European, Asian, CIS, American and 25 completed translations, BOOKIE is leading you to success covering global and local standards.

map image

Expand your community and
build trust with your affiliate

Match your players’ interests on the local level and expand globally by offering branding to meet a specific partner needs - currencies, odds format, sports, leagues, casino preferences and promotions. Build experiences for your customers using geo location tools and target social groups with branded interactions for the highest acquisition and retention levels.

Get the insight you need and
provide the insights your
partners need

Stay on top and always be informed of your white label network performance with instant, real-time view reporting tools. Provide your partners with crystal-clear blueprinted statistics for every product and every action to encourage collaboration and move business forward together.

Total (D-W)€178,209.14
Deposit 24H50€73.53
Withdrawals 24H21
Deposits MTD3,700
Withdrawals MTD210
Deposits YTD11,260
Withdrawals YTD780
Affimatix10 Profits
Expected profit€64,903.93
Current balance€12,320.28
Commission planVIP 40%
Paid out€10,500
Real players16,520

iGaming Platform Marketing & Affiliate System

The future of marketing is data-driven social intelligence

BOOKIE White Label Platform integrates industry-leading ad platforms connecting your digital content with CRM and bet data, delivering personalized data-driven campaigns across the web. With more than 60BN available impressions per month, we ensure an efficient and cost-effective media delivery worldwide

Media buying process at a glance

Real-time bidding is the next generation advertising approach of buying display inventory (for every individual impression unfolding in a 100ms window) before the page is loaded by the potential customer.

Geared by advanced semantic technology, in milliseconds visitors are identified with the content of primary interest and the most relevant sport, league or team. The data is further matched with a CRM and led by the ad display on the player screen.

  • 150
  • 100
  • 50
  • 0
  • 03 Feb
  • 04 Feb
  • 05 Feb
  • 06 Feb

Dynamic content and retention tools

Select events in a few clicks, and promote sports betting events that appeal to specific audiences and demographics individually or in groups.

All ads are generated in real-time and customer presented with the odds changes directly from your database. Creating fully personalized campaigns, BOOKIE iGaming Paltform promotion tools help you to boost player acquisition and drastically improve the retention levels.

  • Tennis
  • Racing
  • Football
2:30 Nottingham
£10 WINS
Secret spirit
up to
£50Free Bet

iGaming Platform Promotion & Retention Tools

Effectively convert leads to customers and further engage loyal players

Accelerate business performance and drive growth exponentially with world-renowned bonus and loyalty programs. Uncover trends quickly and make smarter decisions with precise reporting and exploring tools


We will give you the tools and knowledge needed to make a sound community

IDTypeTimePlayersAmount / CashFree SpinsMissions
8095CASHDROP02-13 14:02:001€5.00 / €5.00101
8091CASHBACK02-13 12:20:093€0.00 / €49.3900
8075GIFTDROP02-13 12:10:001€10.00 / €0.00201
8048GIFTDROP02-13 12:00:041€4.29 / €0.0000
8030CASHDROP02-13 11:50:011€10.00 / €5.0000
User IDUser NameTimeAmountType
131288madman202-13 09:52:01€13.94CASH
30787beggypeggy02-13 09:52:01€10.25CASH
132112monclerbet02-13 09:52:01€25.20CASH


We will give you the tools and knowledge needed to make a sound community

04 February€93,220 (3,442)€43,229 (1,692)€29,422 (983)€20,568
Signup bonus€27,795 (514)€14,201 (274)€8,079 (151)€5,514
Free bet bonus€38,493 (720)€13,326 (329)€14,135 (239)€11,031
Deposit bonus€16,119 (857)€8,401 (168)€5,615 (395)€2,102
Manual bonus€10,812 (1,351)€7,301 (921)€1,590 (198)€1,920
03 February€71,904 (2,832)€50,488 (1,981)€3,301 (209)€18,115
02 February€120,837.13 (5,311)€82,309.10 (3,480)€25,401.23 (1,031)€13,126.80


We will give you the tools and knowledge needed to make a sound community

UsernameMission typeDetailsResultAmount
AlexluckyDealer InsuranceIf Daily Loss < €15, house credits 100 Free SpinsLost€0 (0 FS)
AdamBowDealer InsuranceIf Daily Loss < €15, house credits 100 Free SpinsWon€10 (100 FS)
Megaspin8Spin Volume 1Make 500 spins or more to win 20 Free Spins (233 spins)Lost€0 (0 FS)
AdorgambleSpin Volume 1Make 500 spins or more to win 20 Free Spins (430 spins)Lost€0 (0 FS)
betbettor1Spin Volume 2Make 1,000 spins or more to win 80 Free Spins (9507 spins)Won€8 (80 FS)


We will give you the tools and knowledge needed to make a sound community

Player Notifications
No 2nd deposit and no login after the first deposit for
Real player and zero balance for more than
Real player and login for more than
No login for more than
  • off
  • once
  • repeat
  • off
  • once
  • repeat
  • off
  • once
  • repeat

Boost player acquisition and
retention with volume-based

Design your own strategy and target customer loyalty with the most appealing promotions and bonuses while remaining secure with sophisticated routines controlling turnover requirements, time period, odds, product and channel. Segment players into groups and reward them based on their value to your business or address specific regions of your interest with country-specific limits.

Achieve long-term business
excellence with effective
incentive control

Optimize your marketing spends and maximize cross-selling and conversion potential with advanced reporting that features demo stage and playthrough analysis. Leverage player loyalty and value confidently with advanced liability control and campaign scheduling.

Reengage players at the
right time and make success
repeatable – automatically

Maximize players’ lifetime value at every point in the lifecycle with the most effective automatic notifications triggered on your terms and times. Determine rules for players about to churn and run the marketing actions most effective at retaining them. Incentivize valuable players when they log in or visit your venue with promo and bonus codes.

Get a real-time view on
players’ engagement and
assess the trends

Track your players in real-time and learn the winning behavior to mentor the sales team with the insights they need to amplify the transaction frequency. Define automatic notifications for business-critical events and assess them in real-time while players are connected to the system.

iGaming Platform Content Management System

Maintain an engaging storefront that sells

Maintain a competitive site and announce stunning, player-facing promotions with an easy-to-use white label platform WYSIWIG content management system. Load your site with educational materials, guides, how-to’s and natural leads so they are always sales-ready

Expand globally with multilingual content

Robust and flexible, integrated with all site pages including signup and deposit forms, BOOKIE White Label Platform CMS grants you total control over mission critical content. With multilingual and geo location support your global and local iGaming expansion is backed up by an enterprise-level site management suite.

cms screen
  • Deutsch
  • English
  • español

Optimize titles and measure business impact

Drive cross-selling of products more efficiently and control profit levels by adjusting the appearance of games and titles on the site. Target specific player groups – VIPs or bonus abusers – with custom igaming platform content as a part of your player retention and risk management strategy.

game layout screen

Financial Security Standards & Responsible Gaming

BOOKIE iGaming Platform focused on responsible gaming and dedicated to providing fair play with a reasonable chance of winning in a safe, secure online environment

Committed to fundamental levels of integrity, BOOKIE operates its white label platform in compliance with all major regulatory requirements. Every money movement in and out is recorded with enterprise-level security, and professional audit reporting tools line up the insights investors need at a glance, instantly, in real-time. Meeting current and constantly evolving, ever-demanding, new standards, we ensure business security proactively and over time

Recurrent CDD/EDD

Offering you the tools and expertise to ensure your business is in full compliance and in line with 5MLD

Responsible Gaming System

We’ll separate the VIPs and indicate high-rollers all on the fly before any damage is done

Extensive Due Diligence

Start in line with the real-world scrutiny and make business freely as it used to be

Financial Reporting

Benefit from enterprise-level reporting for partners, investors, accountants, regulators and the tax unit

Background age verification at signup and automatic passport, address and source of funds checks based on triggers proactively followed by recurrent document re-upload queries

International Passport
Passport Number
Expiry Date
Passport Number
Country of Origin
  • Yes
  • No

Responsible gaming controls based on automatic triggers prompting self-assessments, online chat communication and emails or phone calls using the adjustable communication matrix

  • Active players from UK: 190,321
  • Unique players triggered Problem Gambler alerts: 6,401
  • Problem Gambler alerts triggered: 12,540
  • Number of players indicated gambling addition during self-assessment: 1,604
  • Players refused to complete self assessment: 5,202 accounts

Source of Funds:

  • Requests initiated: 29,027
  • Requests completed: 19,523

Actions taken:

  • Temporary timeout applied: 9,903 times
  • Complete exclusion: 1,302 accounts closed
  • No business accepted: 2,249 accounts suspended
  • Excluded after problem gambler communication: 520 accounts

Trained while in production, our system ensures full compliance for every given customer. We are ready to produce a sufficient volume of compliance records for the most demanding audit call

Document checkedbetdataEconomyUnited Kingdom
KYC CompletedbetdataEconomyUnited Kingdom
Player verify checkedbetdataEconomyUnited Kingdom
Passport Submitted (48H)Hanz10BudgetGermany
Source of Funds Submitted (48H)Hanz10BudgetGermany
Player Verify Pending (48H)HeardyLBusinessUnited Kingdom
Passport Pending (48H)HeardyLBusinessUnited Kingdom
Account statusHeardyLBusinessUnited Kingdom
Set KYC statuswettenDJEconomyAustria
Set KYC statuswettenDJEconomyAustria

Predefined reporting templates for all major gambling regulators and framework for easy deployment to new markets. Report monthly, quarterly and annually with ease and pride

PeriodQ4 (2019-10-01 00:00:00 - 2019-12-31 23:59:59)
Turnover£17,886,183.42 (16,329,256)
Jackpots Turnover£104,813.09
Jackpots Win/Loss£10,857.40
Bonus Withdrawal£590,170,54
Tax = 21%£120,636.48

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