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BOOKIE Casino Software is born from a decade of experience, tailor-made with Swiss design, and built to shape the future of iGaming

Deliver a stellar gaming experience no matter where or when your players decide to engage. Our team never rests — friendly, highly-trained, expert team members are with you 24 hours a day to ensure the odds are always in your favor

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BOOKIE casino software

Excellence Is Achieved with Industry Top Performers from Leading Brands

Unique and diverse entertainment content assembled from multiple providers and managed through a unified integration to attract players across all demographics.

Seamless Third-Party Product & Tool Integration

BOOKIE casino software provides efficient protocols for new vendors and seamless third-party integration built around players and operators.

Dynamic Interface Helps to Streamline Acquisition & Cross-Selling

Our advanced and intuitive content management system features access rights over all games and contributions, providing unrivaled views of your casino storefront.

Global Currencies & 25 Full Translations for Instant Expansion

Fully established platform with localized options consisting of 180 currencies and 25 complete translations as default – with much more available upon request.

Multiple Bonus Types Help to Boost Acquisition & Retention Levels

Our unified casino software backend helps manage bonuses, free spins, frequent player points, missions, and tournaments, while also providing key insights with comparative reports across all vendors.

BOOKIE casino software featuring 180 currencies

Startup & Grow Your Own Casino Brand on Your Terms & Leverage Player Loyalty & Value

Demographic Targeting Enhances Player Value with Relevant Casino Content

Age and gender demographic data allows operators to generate relevant and convertible casino content to targeted player groups. Our wizard-driven interface provides in-depth game customization for rules, limits, and credits. Branded titles can be modified and optimized with custom names, backgrounds, descriptions, thumbnail images, bonus contributions, client compatibility, and territory restrictions.

game layout screen from casino software

Full Identity Customization for Delivering Memorable Brand Experiences

Custom identity and unique connections help make the most of every interaction across the entire operation. Mobile pre-loaders, custom lobby design, and unique signup forms help reach higher acquisition rates. The BOOKIE R&D team helps build unique gaming experiences that players appreciate and return to with the industry’s best-known player retention tools.

branding at casino software

Success is Driven By 1:1 Engagement with High-Value Customers

Our proprietary casino software sales path designer is integrated into every step of the player lifecycle to help take your casino acquisition and retention results to new heights. Seamless integration with external services such as and Twilio and further automatic social interactions help to create instant communication channels to boost deposits and retention. Identifying the moments when players are close to churning allows you to re-target with relevant communication and one-click simplicity.

player life cycle scheme from casino software

Volume-Based Bonuses Help to Accelerate Business Performance

Our industry-leading casino framework helps operators design unique bonus strategies with signup, free spins, no deposit deals, and reload deposits. Our time-proven routines guarantee confidence across exposure, turnover requirements, winning caps, limits and support the segmentation of players into groups with rewards based on business values.

IDBonus nameActionTypeGroup
7Signup FreebetsFirst DepoisitFree betAll Players
8Casino BonusDeposit BasedPercentageVerified, Low
13No Deposit BonusNo DepositPercentage-
38,316/∞40 EURNA/∞
20,871/∞200 EUR33X/∞
319,109/∞10 EUR5X/100
203,216/∞10 EURNA/∞

Our Advanced Casino Software RTP Security Unit Helps to Drive Retention Levels

Long-Term iGaming Operation Success with District RTP Control

Our casino software provides in-depth insights into the areas that keep your players active. Full-coverage activity lets you assess players across their entire gameplay as you learn the true impact of your vendors’ RTP setup against theoretical values. Game titles can be examined, segmented, and personalized for optimal return and retention rates. Campaigns can also be scheduled and targeted toward groups, vendors, countries, and specific games to strengthen your stance on fair play.

CountryPlayersSpinsWageredWin/LossRTP,%AVG RTP,%MED RTP,%
RTP > 95%21,6038,961,003€9,404,160-
RTP < 95%8,7155,199,115€7,721,948-
New Signups11,1301,510,084€1,383,340-
Overall PP>95% PP<95% New signups
  • 120
  • 100
  • 80
  • 60
  • 40
  • 20
  • Dec 2019
  • Jan 2020
  • Feb 2020
  • Mar 2020

Vendor Performance & Marketing Tracked Across All Channels

BOOKIE features exclusive security instruments that track real vendor performance against theoretical returns set to your unique iGaming environment - with our unique know-how experience, we help businesses raise goals even higher. Advanced and precise AI-based predictions indicate the churn factor and help your content team highlight the most appropriate titles based on volatility for both existing players and new members who have just signed up.


Advanced Bot Prevention Suite Keeps Your Operation Under Control

BOOKIE Casino Software utilizes machine learning solutions to separate real players from bots and fraudsters. Our proprietary technology, alongside a deep understanding of human behavior patterns, helps uncover even the most sophisticated bot fraud. A combination of different tools delivers a zero false-positive rate, keeping theoretical RTP values secured and reserving the right of your loyal players to play and win in a fair, balanced gaming environment.

lapsecasino Playngo----
In/OutRTPRTP ShareZ IndexBot Index

Harnessing The Power of Real-Time Data at The Right Moment with BOOKIE Casino Software

Key Business Metrics Support Effective Performance Assessments

Instant dashboards with customizable KPI indicators provide a real-time picture of the casino operation. Insightful, group-specific breakdowns across every channel can be gathered through comprehensive analytics with in-depth, drill-down capabilities at the vendor level.

  • Win/Loss
  • Turnover
  • Casino
  • Binary
  • Sportsbook
  • Real Turnover: €60,567,168
  • Real Win/Loss: €2,678,544
  • Bonus Win/Loss: €1,224,324
  • Estimated Tax: €449,886
  • Payments Comm: €107,116
  • Vendor Commision: €250,331
  • Estimated GGR: €1,871,211
Live Casino4,7799,050,706€9,050,706€215,859

Market Spend Optimization Insights & Product Segmentation Groups

Reactive and proactive marketing campaigns help to engage specific player groups based on game preferences and wider demographics. All on-site communication is customizable and can feature specific content and titles based on performance. Our analytics toolkit provides in-depth sales funnel reporting for detailed evaluations across all vendor and game performances.

Book of DeadPlayngo9,867,830€12,598,771€1,718,98225,32192.68
Rise of OlympusPlayngo2,233,070€2,026,092€137,5715,74193.21
Tome of MadnessPlayngo2,124,409€3,391,019$858,404892.85
BonanzaBTG1,938,020€2,930,403 $614,624897.55

Tailor-Made Retention Tools to Establish & Improve the Churn Factor

Churn rates are improved through relevant communication and reactive marketing tools. Analyzing individual player lifecycles allows you to reward losses, incentivize deposits, and offer club memberships automatically or execute each action selectively to raise the loyalty within your iGaming community. Access to every detail of your brand helps build a foundation of trust and deepens the relationship with your players from day one.

PeriodSignupsRealOnlineVerifiedW/DChurn, %Mobile
TypePlayersPct, %
Bonus bagging2,22021%
1 Deposit < RTP 60%2,64325%
2 Deposit < RTP 60%5,28650%
Rated chat as bad424 4%

Account Management

BOOKIE casino software provides a high priority to our technical and customer support service. In addition to our 24/7 helpdesk, you will be assigned an experienced account manager who will work closely with your company to realize every business potential of our partnership.

Disaster Recovery

Your BOOKIE disaster recovery is based on state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure built by industry-leading, expert technicians. A real-time backup of your platform appears instantly in the event of any disaster that threatens your entire operation.

Financial Standards & Responsible Gaming

BOOKIE operates its casino engine in compliance with all major regulatory requirements and is committed to fundamental levels of integrity. All money movement is recorded with enterprise-level security. At the same time, professional audit reporting tools deliver instant investor insights in real-time. We proactively safeguard the security of your casino business by meeting all current standards and constantly evolving to meet the new, ever-demanding rules and regulations.

start your business with casino software from BOOKIE

Fair Play Inside a Safe iGaming Environment

BOOKIE Casino Software is focused on responsible gaming and is dedicated to providing fair play with a reasonable chance of winning in a safe and secure environment. We provide you with the community tools to operate in full compliance with the ever-changing regulatory requirements. Our team of iGaming experts will help you build a vibrant casino with the most exciting and dynamic online slot action. As a result, your business functions confidently and securely from day one.

Existing Operations & Startups Welcome

Send us a link to your existing operation or brief us about your start-up to get a personalized tour of the BOOKIE Casino Software
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