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The finest collection of number games driven by our certified technology and licensed random number generator

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Grow your brand faster with the industry’s new, consolidated concept of famous lotteries, casino and table games geared by traditional fixed odds betting models

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Live draws every minute make the most of every interaction providing a combination of thrills and seclusion that discerning gaming enthusiasts seek

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A Little More Random, A Lot More Action

Amplify winning behavior and keep your pipeline fully stocked with a steady flow of high-margin bets with real-time complimentary lottery games. While live in-play or in the casino, players are offered engaging instant draws that are played every three minutes

Available across all delivery channels, both online and land-based in retail networks, every bet instantly accumulates into a progressive jackpot driving social engagement results on a large scale. Engage players even further with custom gameplay, auto buy-in and boosting jackpot levels for every draw while at an early stage or to advance against the competition

Bingo Multiplayer

BOOKIE’s approach to 90 ball bingo – the traditional form of bingo played in the UK and Europe. This multiplayer game uses cards with three lines and five numbers on them that range between one and 90. Each of the games features 3 prizes, one for the first player to complete a single line, another for the first player who completes two lines, and a third for the first player to get a full house.


Keno Multiplayer

Network Keno from BOOKIE is an exciting addition to your land-based operation or available as a stand-alone game for mobile and desktop. Players wager on the 80-number default configuration choosing the digits by clicking or by random selection. The twenty numbers are drawn by the ball machine with graphics every three minutes, round the clock and non-stop. The true number certification is made by iTech Labs.


Bet on Card Games

BOOKIE provides a fully immersive card games experience offering an unrivalled selection of Poker bets - Omaha Hi-Low, Poker Blind, Texas Hold’em, Baccarat and Blackjack. Players are presented with up to 5 simultaneous tables of every game, every 3 minutes. The math models are geared by a certified RNG, which shuffles 24, 28, 32, 36, 52 and 106 card decks, with and without a joker. With every flip of a card punters are presented with fantasy odds and possible card combinations based on a fair chance of their winning calculated in real-time.


Wheel of Fortune

This multiplayer number game from BOOKIE is a version of automatic roulette with a network jackpot and rounds lasting just 25 seconds from spin to win. An exciting addition to your operation that lets roulette lovers pack in even more betting opportunities, from the shared liquidity from every playing session and daily accumulative. True certified random number generation is accomplished by a provably fair external results checker.


Instant Sicbo

This is BOOKIE’s engaging edition of the ancient dice game of chance. Available as a side game for both sportsbooks and casinos, Sicbo is a profit-making solution for your online and land-based operation. With every roll of the dice resulting in a win or a loss, the game is a super-fast profit maker. Bets can be made on Big, Small, Odd, Even, Triples and Alls and followed by Three Dice Total and Dice Combinations with limits adjusted for your clientele.


Fair Play Guaranteed

BOOKIE software’s state of the art RNG system produces infinite combinations for your players however, wherever, and whenever they play. Robust architecture designed by leading experts ensures fair integrity of our algorithms, with strong math models tailored to conform to the highest standards

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