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The ultimate library of poker software classics — Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Five Card Draw, Razz, 7 Stud Chinese Poker, Turkish Poker, Open Poker, Rummy, and Backgammon

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All types of poker tournaments can be scheduled and run daily, weekly, and monthly — Sit & Go, Shootout, Freezeout, Bounty, Knockouts, ZOOM, and Turbo Twists in both Texas Hold’em and Omaha formats with guarantees and regular satellites

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An Evolution in Poker Software Development

BOOKIE Poker Software powers a game-changing poker network with exhilarating performance, an intuitive interface, and brilliant in-game poker graphics.

Featuring an exceptional range of multiplayer games and tournaments protected from fraud and collusion, our poker software provides the most authentic playing experience with real money and play-for-fun solutions.

State-of-the-art cloud poker network

A robust cloud infrastructure built by our industry-leading expert team and designed to support an infinite number of tables, generated at the speed of business growth and player interests, stakes, and limits – all in real-time without delays.

Grow the poker business with confidence

BOOKIE’s R&D team face all platform challenges, addressing the dynamics of online poker at scale to guarantee players no-lag gameplay and a flawless overall experience, round the clock for every hand.

Accessible in more than 25 languages and multiple currencies – our simplified, lightning-fast HTML5 poker client application is fully customizable and instantly available on all systems and devices. Our broad selection of BOOKIE Poker Software branding options enables the delivery of a memorable experience in the ever-competitive world of online poker.

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Excellence in Multiplayer Poker Card Games

BOOKIE Poker Software features the ultimate library of poker classics with a few twists on the old favorites, hosting players with Texas Hold’em Pot Limit and No Limit, Omaha Hold’em, Omaha Hi/Lo. Innovative poker development delivers newly-emerging thrills of Chinese Poker, Turkish Poker, Open Poker, Rummy, and Backgammon multiplayer games.

With a broad choice of predefined table stakes and buy-ins, retain full control over the poker operation with our advanced, feature-rich network back-end. The entire setup is customizable with individual preferences for local players in compliance with regional jurisdictions.

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Open ring games and private tables extend with a Fast-Fold gaming format — the state-of-the-art method of playing poker cash games that is 5x faster than the flow of regular poker, eliminating waiting times between hands when players are not involved. Our leading BOOKIE poker software format prevents collusion and chat abuse and minimizes the advantage of sharks versus recreational players by making it impossible to target specific opponents at the table.

Our in-house R&D Poker Software team localizes the operation with new poker variants to make the most of every market while meeting unique business models and player needs.

Poker Tournaments Action Day & Night

BOOKIE Poker Software can run numerous tournament types across a long list of poker variants.

Sit & Go, Shootout, Freezeout, Bounty, Knockouts, ZOOM, and Turbo twists in both Texas Hold’em and Omaha can be scheduled daily, weekly, and monthly with guarantees and regular satellites maximizing player longevity and retention.

A world-class operation can be started in a few days using predefined setups or assign market-specific rules with our intuitive tournament template and schedule editor. Entry fees, betting limits, payout structure, playing format, and many more options are defined with one-click simplicity and instantly powered by the poker gameplay engine.

Our real-time tournament supervision toolkit creates schedules with direct views on players and chips, featuring instant connections to any table directly from the back-end. Underperforming schedules can be monitored, and player interests addressed with promotional coupons and original free-rolls.

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Custom-branded tournament gameplay for any poker variant or specific card game can be tuned with local market specifics via our BOOKIE R&D. Closer collaboration can be achieved with channel partners allowing for more effective marketing across the emerging marketplace.

Certified, Secure & Fair Playing Environment

BOOKIE Poker Software is committed to fundamental levels of integrity and fairness. As a direct result of these principles, we are fully dedicated to complying with the world's most stringent regulatory requirements.

Our poker software carries an official Certification of Random Number Generator (RNG) Evaluation, conducted by iTech Labs and in compliance with MGA and UKGC requirements.

The randomness security of our poker software has been accurately tested using a series of unrelenting tests on gigabytes of data. Shuffles for single-deck blackjack (with and without joker) and 24, 28, 32, 36, 52, and 106 card decks were used to undertake stress evaluations of all algorithms.

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Industry specialists designed our cryptography-based secure random number generator system, seeding infinite RSA hash keys to ensure completely random shuffles are executed during every gameplay session.

Strong, secure math models have been employed to conform to the highest standards and build trust with mutually fair conditions for both players and operators.

Analytics For Faster & Smarter Poker Networks

Our poker software provides enterprise-level, real-time analytics with a 360-degree view of the entire operation. It features all-encompassing dashboards with key performance indicators for every game, tournament type, and poker variant, and integrates drill-down tools for multi-dimensional metrics for period-specific profit breakdowns.

Tournament schedules can be tuned with an advanced business planner, providing a direct view of demography and player interests, geographical locations, and pick hours – all split by cash games, tournaments, and satellites.

Our comprehensive gameplay reporting suite unlocks insights into every player, from signup and hours played to a detailed hand history transcript, as well as money movement within a chosen date range down to the minute or second. Overall line-ups can be viewed for a full analysis of transcripts to assist investigations on collusion and chat abuse, eliminating any possible grey areas in the poker network.

Assess payout schedules of upcoming tournaments and final resolutions to optimize marketing strategies.

Built-in compliance with major regulatory requirements and the BOOKIE poker software reporting framework ensures ongoing proactive business security. BOOKIE meets all current standards, and our software is easily adapted to the ever-demanding requirements of emerging markets.

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Integration Made Easy
with The Poker Platform

BOOKIE platform provides exclusive tools to run a successful iGaming business and build poker networks with confidence.

Built around player and operator, BOOKIE software monitors the entire lifecycle, providing complete control over the key aspects of network management, front-end experience, engagement, marketing, and financial processing.

Player experiences can be planned, personalized, and optimized with extended APIs to unlock the full potential of all existing iGaming operations and marketing efforts:

  • Logos and styles can be changed natively and simply with CSS and canvas.
  • New poker clients are implemented with a direct, open protocol connection to the gaming server.
  • Our poker software integrates fully loaded with a powerful RESTful API into the existing back-office setup.

From 3D poker room design to developer training, BOOKIE Poker Software’s professional and friendly team works together to connect and integrate at the speed of each business. Whether you're looking for a turnkey poker skin or a total custom solution, our teams of experts help deliver innovative and engaging solutions for the highest player acquisition and retention levels.

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The Advantage of Boundless Marketing & Promotions

Vibrant poker communities with boundless promotion campaigns, table limits, and incentives help reward players at the business’ discretion.

Player expectations rise every day, and so our poker software offers pro-level tools free of poker skin regulations that deliver personalized experiences that are above and beyond what competitors offer.

BOOKIE Poker Software endorses each operation to world-renowned network levels from the startup. A wide variety of personalization and incentive resources provide faster and smarter advertising with cash coupons and complimentary points.

Rake structures can be tailored during marketing campaigns with or without commission for every table or player group. Tables can be split into groups and adjusted by currency, betting structures, rake, buy-ins, rebuys, and chips, engaging players with the evolving intelligence of a new game.

Complimentary points and group incentives help promote and reward networkwide VIP clubs with cash, bonuses, tournament codes, and gift certificates while boosting engagement and accelerating revenue growth.

Custom signup, first deposit, and reload bonuses, with or without turnover requirements, and free-roll invites are linked to cash tournaments in line with a dynamic payout structure.

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Superior Poker Software with a Mobile-First Mindset

BOOKIE mobile poker comes fully accessible across all devices, turning business operations into an always-on gaming community. Players experience world-class poker action anywhere and anytime.

Real-time synchronization results in players never missing a hand by switching from desktop to mobile or tablet while on the go.

Our mobile poker software is optimized for high latency connections and resumes gameplay in moments. Hyper-speed secure channel connection ensures real-time sync of the table state and hands for every piece of the action.

Cloud-based, state-of-the-art networks distribute traffic loads efficiently, eliminating server issues and calculating the closest local, global, and high availability router for every device and every action.

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Mobile poker provides operational freedom to build communities and grow business results from every ad investment. BOOKIE mobile leads the way in transitioning from mobile supplements for desktop gaming to a truly mobile-first mindset.