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Design and run any form of betting pool to extend your existing online sportsbook or boost land-based sales of your retail network

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BOOKIE unifies sports betting entertainment content, trading on the most exciting matches from 40 sports and 4,500 tournaments worldwide, up to twenty days in advance, round the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Pool Betting Suite

Our software offers you the most effective player-facing tools, customized for your unique market requirements and further tuned while in production

Streamline customer acquisition levels by featuring daily rollouts, boosting initial jackpot liquidity for every draw and scheduling an automatic ticket buyout. Use the pools in marketing campaigns to drive your business performance, engaging a new audience with little to no experience in fixed odds betting.

With our fundamental approach to wagering BOOKIE pools are instantly available for all sports and markets

Whenever you target soccer, tennis, basketball or ice-hockey trading on 1X2, 12 or Correct Score we give you the efficient, player-facing algorithms and tools to build anything and promote everything. Heighten the engagement with multiple pools running simultaneously and split across the sports, markets and delivery channels. BOOKIE empowers you to run short-term pools with a fixed starting jackpot, with or without rollout, in between or in parallel, for maximum player retention.

Uncover The Global Potential

Betting pools are the most popular form of sports wagering worldwide

With a global market value of 80 billion on soccer, football and horseracing alone, pools are the only legalized form of sports wagering in a number of countries. It is estimated that the NCAA March Madness contest alone is being played by 58 million Americans every year

Seamlessly available on any device and featured with OMR for land-based

Engage your players with a real-time view of the past, current and future draws at a glance. Outcome probability is calculated dynamically, turning data into actionable insights. With multiple combinations throughout the draw, BOOKIE pools give your players ultimate control and a greater chance of winning. Jackpot statistics are populated instantly with every bet, helping you to stay on top of your business.

Ligue 1 1 X 2
FC Nantes
AS Saint Etienne
St, Jan 30 21:00
33% 31% 37%
Premier League 1 X 2
St, Jan 30 14:00
36% 32% 32%
West Ham
St, Jan 30 18:00
71% 13% 16%

Open concept for the highest
acquisition and retention levels

With BOOKIE pools, there’s nothing in the way of players and the insights they need. Detailed, fast and accurate statistics are available for every draw and every bet. Let the prospects dig deeper with detailed reports of the draws, bets and volumes. Build a trusting relationship with every interaction featuring instant data extraction for every draw in csv of all bets behind the overall numbers.

IDEnd dateJackpotPoolPrize fundTicket
16531.01.2020 18:15€ 1 100€ 0.00€ 0.000
16025.01.2020 22:55€ 1 099€ 1.00€ 0.901
15808.12.2019 20:30€ 1 095€ 5.00€ 4.501
15703.11.2019 22:00€ 1 092€ 6.00€ 5.403
15428.10.2019 20:30€ 1 074€ 19.46€ 17.512

Real-time event settlement for
ultimate player engagement

Entertain your players with live score updates and match statistics delivered in real time with BOOKIE feeds. Let your community access the most accurate data – corners, cards, substitutions, commentary and live event widgets for every game from the draw. With instant settlement, draws are paid out within moments of the final goal being scored. And automatic formulas mean draws are easily scheduled without a time lag.

Football. Australia. A League Score 1 X 2
Western Sydney - Sydney 1:1 1.72 1.51 1.51
Football. Hong Kong Cup Score 1 X 2
Eastern Sports Club - Regasus 1 Half 1:1 1.72 1.51 1.51
Eastern Sports Club - Regasus 1 Half 1:1 1.72 1.51 1.51
11 Corners 4
0 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 1
2 Yellow/Red Cards 1

Seamlessly Integrated Teams

We work with our partners remotely, on-site and using integrated teams to effectively meet technical requirements, promote business, and drive sales performance. With a round-the-clock operation, we connect our partners with our strong technical expertise and knowledge of the iGaming industry

Made with an academic, principled approach

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