iGaming Developers For Hire

BOOKIE combines your vision and strategy with our knowledge and experience to create an iGaming solution that is appropriate for the modern online environment. We adapt to your mindset and seamlessly integrate alongside your in-house team to ensure that our partnership is streamlined and optimised every step of the way

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Igniting Innovation to Create Modern Solutions & Active iGaming Communities

BOOKIES is the spark to bring your sportsbook and iGaming ideas to life. Enjoy unlimited access to a modern technology stack, professional DevOps, and big data solutions that are all fine-tuned to the requirements of a modern iGaming platform. Get in touch to talk about your existing setup, ideas for the future, and any startup concepts that you may have in mind. We can then work together and build a strategy to bring your ideas and concepts to life

Welcome To Your Remote BOOKIE Hub

The BOOKIE team will integrate effortlessly as a fully working and hands-on extension to your current or planned day-to-day operations. Our developers are synchronized in with your workflow and so you can catch up with them whenever the time comes for a daily update, a code review, or for when their opinions are required, no matter the level of its importance

slack jira jenkins git
mercurial bitbucket scrum confluence

Extension Of Your Development Team

BOOKIE provides you with the right tools to design and develop an iGaming platform that is ready for the modern age

Augmenting In-House Team

BOOKIE sits remotely alongside your team with 100% transparency and recognition of your current workflow and company beliefs

Lead The Team Your Way

Utilize BOOKIE for its expert developers and knowledge to bring your ideas to life. You lead the project every step of the way

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Remote office integration

Augmenting in-house team

Dedicated development team

Lead the team your way

Grow Your Business in Complete Confidence

Choosing to work alongside BOOKIE gives you complete peace of mind from the very first day. Our developers are fully trained to develop and maintain code that is in line with all the major regulatory requirements. Your unique online sportsbook platform will be validated by our active 27001:2013 ISO certification as well as full compliance of the latest 5MLD rules. We keep on top of all the updates to any legal requirements, so you can concentrate on building your brand.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013
ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Bookie Works In Accordance With All The Latest Regulatory Requirements

Track Activity of Remote Team

Working with BOOKIE gives you complete transparency and a full 360-degree view of your project. Keep your eyes on the roadmap, track your progress, and take advantage of real-time data that you can use to improve and enhance the project every step of the way. Security and scalability are both guaranteed when you work with BOOKIE and this allows your iGaming platform to grow efficiently alongside your brand.

track activity

Monitor The Progress Of Team Members

BOOKIE gives you the freedom to monitor and track the progress of all your team members from individual developer details to the hours spent on each and every task. Improve productivity and keep the project running smoothly with a synchronized team that works as a single, coordinated unit. Our real-time communication system in Slack wraps around the team to allow instant messaging between all members that keeps everyone in the loop throughout the project from start to finish.

track activity

Stack We Use

Your BOOKIE developers are experts across all the required technology stacks due to the varying demands from each and every operator that we work with. We understand that you may require comprehensive support to migrate your legacy code rather than developing a brand-new version of coding libraries from scratch. Our full attention is given to all of your existing coding. This is to make sure that your project is taken to the required levels that modern iGaming and sports betting platforms demand in this current online environment

Open Source
Ruby on Rails

PHP Development

Backend Development

BOOKIE will prepare your startup to welcome a growing community of iGaming customers and it ensures that your new platform has the necessary stability to handle your existing community. Our experienced team of backend developers provide a guarantee that you will be fully prepared for the future as well as the growth of your iGaming brand that your new platform will bring.

Cloud And DevOps

The BOOKIE DevOps team is with you every step of the way with our all-inclusive, 360-degree, centralized development platform. You can follow the continuous delivery of your iGaming product as we all work together from a single point in the cloud. Our 24/7 visibility and complete control gives you the perfect window to watch your platform grow right up to, and past, the launch date.

Web App Development

BOOKIE brings the power of PHP to your betting and gaming application. Create effective web applications that are built around your specific iGaming and betting needs. Utilize the power of PHP web application development through innovative and forward-thinking business goals.

Porting And Migration

BOOKIE puts the decision in your hands and our developers carry out your business desires. Our team can either upgrade and slide your existing PHP platform into a modern version of PHP or build a new iGaming platform from the ground up.

Golang Development

Data Aggregation

Enjoy natively designed solutions to fit your iGaming and betting data aggregation needs. BOOKIE makes use of Golang to extract and process remote sports betting data quicker than arbitrage services and professional punters. Calculate risk quicker and gain the edge over competitors through high-end solutions that work seamlessly within your existing data sources


Microservices are essential to your iGaming solution and we can prove to you through our development that Golang is a first-choice option. Writing, carrying out testing, and launching microservices in Golang will give you that extra edge that you need to succeed in the online iGaming and sportsbook industry.

Web Development

Our professional web development team commands first-class knowledge in the deployment of Golang technology. We take your sportsbook and casino ideas and integrate the required microservices that enable you to cater to a large iGaming community as well as all the processes that come with that responsibility.

Big Data Applications

BOOKIE will utilize Golang for all your Big Data needs by developing and modelling your systems to streamline your profits and protect against online fraud. We work around your existing data flow to build artificially intelligent systems that are designed for the modern online iGaming and betting environment.

Python Development

Prototyping And Development

BOOKIE stays true to the Zen of Python and its strict guiding principles. Our developers will create all types of solutions from expandable prototypes through to in-depth and feature-rich iGaming applications that are completely customizable to fit your goals and aspirations.

Legacy Migration

Do you need to migrate your legacy code from your existing platform over to Python? BOOKIE provides a reliable and stress-free process to do just that. Our team of developers handle everything from start to finish along with any required upgrades that you need.

Customization And Upgrade

All iGaming applications need to be customizable to keep up with modern trends, so let BOOKIE identify and implement the relevant third-party solutions that will allow you to be at the top of your game. Plug the gaps and give your brand the power to adapt at any given time.

Ongoing Enhancement

BOOKIE gives you the iGaming platform to perform at the highest level and allows your brand to grow. Our developers offer ongoing assistance via audits, debugging, and focused monitoring services because the best iGaming applications are continually evolving and adapting.

Ruby on Rails Development

Custom RoR Solutions

Benefit from the productivity and development speed of Ruby-on-Rails to create your web application with best industry standards at its core. No matter how complex your iGaming and betting vision may be, we will build you a modern web application that gives you the platform to grow and inspire your customers.

Code Refactoring

BOOKIE is designed to develop and maintain your iGaming platform using clean code so that you can focus on your business and upgrade quickly when the time arrives. BOOKIE allows your RoR application to mature with the iGaming industry and this puts your brand in a strong position to succeed and grow.

Web Development

BOOKIE uses Ruby-on-Rails to create iGaming web applications that are quick to launch and full of features. We apply professional RoR web development techniques to provide a rapid and effective solution that will bring your brand closer to the betting and gaming crowds.

QA & Testing

Ongoing testing is an important part of the BOOKIE process. All of your new RoR features will be tested during development to ensure that all issues are addressed as we move forward. Your project will never hit any roadblocks and we will meet your deadlines as agreed and planned.

React Development

Custom ReactJS Development

BOOKIE provides unique solutions for existing operators and ready-made, quick-to-launch solutions for startup companies. Create unique, modern user interfaces that match your brand and business goals. The fast-moving iGaming industry demands exclusivity to stand out amongst the crowd and BOOKIE guarantees that as standard.

Web Application Development

BOOKIE comes with many years of experience as well as expert, in-depth knowledge of the iGaming industry under its belt. This is why we can provide you with the big-tech tools that are required in the modern market. Build a platform that meets all the required standards so that you can prosper.

Mobile Development Services

Use BOOKIE to ensure that you deploy a mobile-first platform that is guaranteed to work and adapt as the future of iGaming evolves. Our team will deliver stunning User Interfaces to provide that user experience that keeps your gamers and punters coming back for more.

Upgrade And Migration

Cross-technology migration is just one of the services that we provide. If you need to breathe new life into your existing JavaScript or out-of-date libraries, then let BOOKIE lead the way. We will guide you to a new world of modern betting and gaming that your end-users will appreciate and enjoy.

Vue Development

Custom Vue.js Development

MVVM architecture allows you to evolve your iGaming platform interface with ease. Our talent pool of BOOKIE developers will leverage the power of custom Vue.js development to produce first-class iGaming interfaces that are essential in the modern online environment.

Upgrade And Migration

BOOKIE provides quick and simple migration from dated platform frameworks over to Vue.js, so that you can then instantly reap all of the benefits that come with this dynamic technology.

PWA Development

Progressive Web Apps bring an all-inclusive factor to your iGaming and sportsbook brands. BOOKIE can help you to develop a professional online presence along with an engaging mobile experience that the modern community of casino players and betting fans expect in today’s online environment.

Single Page Applications

BOOKIE recommends using Vue.js for all of your single page applications due to its efficient file size and additional SEO benefits. The ecosystem of tools and its sole reliance on JavaScript to make future updates makes it the perfect option for modern betting and iGaming companies.

Angular Development

Web Development

Angular is the lifeblood of large-scale iGaming platforms and BOOKIE has years of experience using modern technology standards that the industry of online sportsbooks and casinos demand. Utilizing dynamic platforms will bring a professional edge to your platform that ultimately, generates end-user loyalty and bigger profits.

Upgrade And Migration

BOOKIE will migrate your existing Angular system to provide you with a flexible and updated platform that is fit for the modern sports betting and iGaming landscape. Alternatively, we can port your existing platform across to Angular in order to reap the full power of this industry-standard technology.

UX/UI Services

BOOKIE developers understand how to utilize Angular technology to create experiences that sports betting and online casino end-users expect. Give your community online interfaces that improve their experiences and watch your customer retention levels grow.

Single Page Applications

BOOKIE developers use industry-standard Angular technology for Single Page Applications. We design and develop SPA solutions to provide you with cross-platform compatibility which is an element that all modern iGaming and betting brands require to thrive.

Node Development

Custom Node.js Development

Node.js helps to bring your sportsbook and casino platforms to life through efficient and reliable microservice solutions and ultimately, it allows you to develop the best possible result for your underlying platform. BOOKIE integrates the required technology, such as Node.js, and delivers a tried and tested solution that meets the high demands of the evolving iGaming and betting environment.

Application Porting And Migration

Porting and migrating your existing platform over to dynamic, big-tech industry standards will give you a flexible solution that fits the current demands of the modern online landscape. BOOKIE provides exclusive knowledge, extensive development experience and proven methodologies to create online betting and iGaming applications that are fit for purpose.

System Architecture Design

BOOKIE’s experience and knowledge is what sets it apart and our Node developers have years of technology expertise that will deliver the solution that you need. We will integrate Node.js into your existing environment, build cluster solutions or single-server applications to serve your online community efficiently.

API Development

Enjoy secure and flexible server-side APIs that result in superior web applications to fit the demands of the iGaming industry. BOOKIE is home to Node.js experts that give you the freedom to leverage all our experience from the first ever Node.js release.

.NET Development

Application Development

.NET is the most popular stack used by iGaming operators worldwide and we utilize the most sophisticated coding libraries available to our team to build your solution. We develop your new platform to keep in line with both the ISO requirements and the strict regulatory standards that the iGaming industry demands.

Maintenance and Support

BOOKIE comes complete with our wraparound maintenance and support. Our developers maintain a monitoring service made possible via our exclusive collection of 6,000 triggers that result in immediate attention from our developers and DevOps team.

Legacy Migration

Many online bookmakers and iGaming platforms were created over 20 years ago and so we understand the importance of being able to migrate your existing solutions. We work with you to strategically pick out the best-fit .NET development services to meet your own unique situation whilst also keeping your future business goals in mind.

Big Data Applications

Transform your betting data into intelligent algorithms that ensure your betting and gaming platforms are kept safe and secure. Our expert skills in .NET, Azure Big Data and Hadoop means that you can stop potentially fraudulent activity before any damage is made to your platform and brand.

Java Web Application Development

Java is the second most popular technology platform in the iGaming industry. BOOKIE developers use clean code and a data-driven mindset to solve your current problems in order to create prototype concepts and scalable sportsbooks that grow and adapt alongside your branding and betting community.

Java/J2EE Application Development

J2EE provides the perfect combination of APIs, services, and protocols to create and maintain an enterprise-grade iGaming solution. Run multi-tiered betting markets and premium casino lobbies with our experts who understand what it takes to develop web-based applications.

Java Mobile Application Development

Develop Appstore and Google Play applications for your iGaming community by leveraging the experience of our professional, industry-standard, and knowledge-driven methods. BOOKIE works to ensure that your mobile software development benefits from all the power of Java technology.

Java Migration And Integration

Migrate, integrate or take advantage of both. We can help you to migrate your legacy iGaming platform to Java-based applications. Our team can also guide you through the integration of combining new or existing Java applications with other systems to suit your needs.

12+ years of successful delivery

BOOKIE was founded in 2008 as a privately funded limited company in Switzerland and in the same year we released the first version of our sports betting platform

Sports Betting
Sports Betting
Casino Engine
Casino Engine
iGaming Platform
iGaming Platform
Poker Network
Poker Network
Financial Betting
Financial Betting

Bookie Practice Highlights

  • UKGC Licensed
  • MGA Licensed
  • iTech Labs Certified
  • 27001:2013 ISO Compliant
  • 300+ Developers
  • 50 DevOps 24/7
  • Exclusively iGaming
  • Proprietary Products

Bookie Highlights

Our philosophy is based on a trusting relationship with our partners and our commitment to providing them with the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art software available in the entertainment world

We understand what our partners expect from us and by consistently meeting these high expectations we maintain our business success

highlight background

Made with an academic, principled approach

The BOOKIE team is excited to hear about your future business concepts, startup ideas or any existing operations that you currently have in the online sportsbook and iGaming environment. Let’s discuss your future so that we can plan a route to success for your brand and business

BOOKIE integrates seamlessly into your existing setup and acts as a natural extension to your own team. Our fully qualified developers come with expert working knowledge of all the relevant industry-standard tools and practices. We develop your existing code to the correct standards or create brand-new iGaming or online casino applications from the ground up that will take you confidently into the modern era of online betting and gaming

Goals & Aspirations

Goals & Aspirations

Define your business goals and aspirations so that we can work together to make them a reality. We use real-time tracking tools to highlight each and every step that we take to make your online business a true success

Measure Productivity

Measure Productivity

You can measure the productivity of BOOKIE every step of the way with real-time updates and robust reporting. Watch as your existing platform transforms into a fully equipped iGaming and betting product

Automatic Timesheet

Automatic Timesheet

The BOOKIE process gives you full control of the project. You can enjoy an overview by reviewing, approving, and rejecting timesheets against all those who are involved in the development



Dive deep into the data and run reports on productivity to ensure that all areas of the project are running efficiently and to plan. Reporting can be run daily or as frequently as you see fit to ensure that your goals and aspirations are met on time

Live Tracking

Live Tracking

Track progress of the project and drill down into each of the developers and each team member to find out who is working on what stage and what their currents tasks are. You have a complete 360-degree visual over the project



Communication is at the heart of the BOOKIE service and our team will integrate effortlessly without causing any trouble to your current workflow. You can contact us as you would your own team, so consider us as another arm of your setup

Explore The Tools Of Success From The Leading Developer

Feel free to contact us and describe your operation requirements or start-up ideas and schedule a private tour of the BOOKIE sportsbook and casino software today
We look forward to working together and building a lasting partnership that will give your brand the platform to grow and succeed in the modern iGaming and sportsbook environment
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